The CReW (Counseling, Recovery and Wellness) Program is licensed as an outpatient mental health and substance use treatment provider within the King County Behavioral Health Organization (BHO). Our purpose is to assist adults with mental health, substance use, or co-occurring challenges to improve their quality of life. We work together with individuals to set and achieve their goals for what they think would lead towards a happier and healthier life and we tailor services based on unique strengths and barriers. The individuals we serve may be living on the streets or in shelters, may be in housing throughout King County, or may be ready for release from jails or hospitals.

Our services are provided in a variety of settings in the downtown Seattle area, including individuals’ homes, permanent supportive housing, transitional housing, homeless shelters and the streets. Our team of mental health counselors, chemical dependency counselor, peer specialists, case managers, nursing support and psychiatric prescribers offer a range of services based on individual needs and requests. Services include: assessment and individual service planning, case management, medication management, therapeutic counseling, group treatment, care coordination, and peer support. Additionally, we are expanding our services to offer Supported Housing and Supported Employment through the Medicaid Waiver Demonstration project in summer of 2018.

CReW services are uniquely tailored to meet each person’s holistic needs and support is offered in multiple life domains such as symptom management, social skills training, and relapse prevention. Counselors and case managers assist individuals on setting and achieving goals to make connections with others in the community, maintain or improve physical health, apply for housing or benefits, or pursue vocational interests. CReW counselors are also able to make referrals to inpatient treatment or detox for individuals in need of residential substance use services.

In addition to our outpatient treatment services, CReW has now partnered with Health Care for the Homeless Network to provide Outreach services in South King County. Our Outreach Specialists offer community based outreach and engagement services to people who are living in homelessness, primarily in the areas of Federal Way, Kent, Burien and Tukwila. Outreach workers will meet people literally where they are at and assist with identifying needed resources and make linkages for housing, health care, and benefits wherever possible. Services are prioritized for people who have had frequent inpatient hospitalizations and/or incarcerations over the last year.


To enroll for CReW treatment services, individuals must be 18 and older, be covered by Washington Apple Health (Medicaid), live in King County, and have significant challenges in maintaining life skills. Our staff requires a full name and date of birth to screen for eligibility.

For Outreach services in South King County, individuals should be homeless, in transitional housing or in permanent supportive housing specifically for people who are formerly homeless, or at imminent risk of becoming homeless.

For all referrals or general questions regarding the program, please call 206-956-9570.

Questions about South King County Outreach can also be directed straight to our Outreach Specialists at either 206-550-3455, or 206-550-2261


I don’t have Apple Health. Do you take Medicare or private insurance?

We are not presently able to bill Medicare or other private insurance providers. Please call 2-1-1 for resources for people with Medicare or other health insurance in King County. Our Outreach Specialists in King County will work with individuals regardless of insurance coverage.

Does CReW provide housing? 

Our staff can connect individuals with resources in the community to apply for transitional and long term housing and find shelter. Unfortunately CReW does not have any set-aside or priority units at apartment buildings in Seattle or King County.

How long before I can meet with a counselor? 

Generally, our intake appointments happen within 2 weeks of the request for services or sooner. Most often, your intake staff will be your ongoing counselor and will continue to work with you for as long as you are interested in services.

How can I see a psychiatrist?

Individuals need to complete an intake appointment with a CReW counselor prior to being given an appointment for psychiatric assessment. Usually the wait time after seeing a counselor is a month or less.

Do you do couples counseling? 

At this time we are not able to provide couples counseling. We have limited availability to offer family treatment, for adults enrolled in services.

Do you have any support groups? 

Yes! Groups are held on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-4pm for anyone enrolled in services. We offer Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Relapse Prevention, Coping Skills and Art Therapy. For people who are in mental health treatment with us, we also offer a Peer Employment Support Group each week. All groups are offered at our downtown locations.

If you are a co-occurring treatment program, do I have to receive both my mental health and substance use services from CReW?

We believe that integrating behavioral health care can be very effective for long-term recovery, however, we respect individual choice to have separate service providers. If you have a solid connection with another counselor or agency, we encourage you to receive services that make the most sense for you and where you feel most comfortable.


“Thank you for hooking me up with CReW. It is great for me. I love [my counselor], and she is helping me a lot more than I realized I needed, and I am learning a lot about myself.”

– CReW client and CHS resident