Change the World… One Child at a Time!

CCS-FP’s mission is that every child grow up in a safe, loving and nurturing environment. By becoming a licensed foster parent with our agency you will be doing exactly that! CCS-FP serves approximately 365 families each month through our five locations in Western Washington and Oregon.

CCS-FP’s main goal is family preservation. Services are designed for children and families with multiple and complex needs, severe histories plus those who tend to be involved with multiple child-serving systems. Family Behavioral Health has been among industry innovators who continually “push the envelope” and challenge traditional thinking in social services.

Children are placed in Therapeutic Foster Care on a temporary basis, generally between 3 to 6 months while staff diligently works to locate a safe and long-term relative placement. A family for the child to live and grow up with, a family that will be able to be the kind of support that the child will need now, and for the rest of their life!

A monthly reimbursement of $1,500 is given to the foster home for each child that is placed in the home. This reimbursement is to meet the needs of the child and to cover the additional living costs for the home. 24/7 support is what you can expect from trained professionals who will be working with you as you work with the foster children. 24/7 means exactly that! At any time of day or night a staff member is available to work with the foster child in your home!

By becoming a Foster Parent you become a changing agent within your community and therefore within the entire world.

If you are interested in joining our Therapeutic Foster Care team or getting more information, click here and take a moment to fill out our brief survey. This survey will be emailed to us and we will follow up with you.