The Grays Harbor Youth Center is a resource and service center for the youth of Grays Harbor County. Our center provides Information and Referral Services for youth in Grays Harbor County, and a Safe Place (Overnight Services) for teens who find themselves without a place to spend the night. For more information on our services please see the corresponding sections below, check out our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact our 24-hour Youth Hotline.

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Call or text our 24-hour Youth Hotline (360) 589-3259.

Information and Referral Services

The Youth Center provides information and referral assistance for youth (anything a youth needs such as clothing, school enrollment, homework assistance, food, counseling, drug/alcohol treatment, employment . . . we can get them connected). Youth can call or text our 24-hour Youth Hotline (360-589-3259) anytime to ask questions, get information, or get assistance from the Youth Center Program Supervisor Stacey Johnson.

Overnight Services

The Grays Harbor Youth Center is a DSHS-licensed emergency overnight youth shelter. The Youth Center is a nationally registered SafePlace, and a great resource for any youth that needs time to cool-off away from family, has been kicked-out, or just needs a place to spend the night away from home. We can house up to six youth overnight in our fully furnished bedrooms, and provide dinner, snacks, breakfast, and sack lunches to anyone staying overnight. The Youth Center also provides laundry service, shower facilities, and any other services they might need. Case management is provided to teens that spend the night to make sure they have access to all their resources. In addition, youth receive educational support and access to medical and dental care, mental health services, and other services aimed at assisting them in long-term stabilization. 

The Grays Harbor Youth Center is a program of the Grays Harbor County Family Center