“After doors shut, one after another, you opened doors for me and I am very grateful.  I was homeless and you helped me to get an apartment and a job.  It’s giving me confidence to take care and provide for my children. I am doing way better thanks to all the support. I just appreciate that you gave me so many opportunities – especially during COVID-19.  You actually do care about the person.  Thanks to your help, doors are opening, they are swinging wide open!”

For all of us, it’s been a year like no other.  For some, the isolation and fear of the pandemic is just an overlay to the isolation and fear of being homeless.

Our mission at Catholic Housing Services (CHS) has always been to open doors to safe, affordable housing for vulnerable folks, many moving from the harsh and inhumane experience of homelessness.  Because of the pandemic, so many of our low-income residents have lost minimum wage employment and struggle to remain in the housing they so desperately need. Providing crucial aid would not be possible without your gifts of support. Gifts that help to keep clients stably housed and help us continue to build and maintain additional units of secure housing.

With your support, you can help prevent the tragedy of a veteran, farmworker or family returning to homelessness.  Your gift of $100 can translate to a resident’s monthly share of subsidized housing. A family’s portion is $250. I’m excited to tell you that thanks to the generosity of a CHS donor, the first $25,000 in gifts will be matched! Until employment opportunities open up for many of our tenants, the extra assistance will provide a critical safety net needed for them to remain housed.

I know the distress of the pandemic has touched all of our lives in ways we never dreamed. I know too that those who have retained their health and employment have graciously reached out to ask how to help.  Simply said, keeping our doors “swinging wide open” to vulnerable neighbors in critical need is our highest priority.

Please be assured that every dollar you share gives us the opportunity to create more and do more to provide the most basic human need we all desire and deserve…a welcoming place to call home.

With heartfelt thanks for your support, both from CHS and from the grateful folks we serve.

Flo Beaumon
Catholic Housing Services, Agency Director

“Even though it may not always appear that we (tenants) are totally grateful for everything y’all do for us, Clare’s Place apartments is only one thing, and that is a complete 100% miracle!” – Clare’s Place Resident

“I know from working with people who have experienced homelessness that living on the streets beats them down and they don’t think they can stand back up.  Then, when I see them walk into their new apartment and watch them realize they can live in it forever, it makes me cry.” – King County Resident Manager

Providing affordable housing since 1979.

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