2022 Appeal for the Poor

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Dear Friend of CCS/CHS,

Alton Fields

“All the success I have, it wasn’t just me and the Lord. It was the people at CCS and the extra care and love they gave me. They wouldn’t give up on me. You can touch the love that comes off them.”

Meet Alton, a man of the Spirit, from a family of churchgoers, even pastors. But faith alone is no protection from addiction and alcoholism; by 2017 he’d lost his family, his marriage, and his home. When Alton was ready to change, CCS programs and staff were with him every step of the way, helping him remain clean and sober since 2018.

Alton is grateful to be “a good father again” and is committed to giving back. He returns to the shelter at Christmas every year to bring gifts to guests and staff he describes as “people with hearts of gold.”

Kaitlyn and Family
“Thank you, CCS, for being there last fall when I was facing homelessness with four-year-old twins—one with autism—and a family member in relapse. The CCS family shelter program gave us so much more than food and a room. Our caseworkers and counselors gave us the chance to
get on our feet, find recovery and move into permanent housing. You are giving families hope and stability—you are giving us a future.” – Kaitlyn

Your support of the 2022 Appeal for the Poor will bring Christ’s light of compassion and hope to tens of thousands of neighbors who struggle daily to emerge triumphant from the shadows of poverty and despair. From infants to elders, Catholic Community Services (CCS) and Catholic Housing Services (CHS) serves people of all belief and seeks to find for each a path to healing and hope.

With your support and partnership, CCS/CHS will continue to bring Christ’s light and love to those in need of care and counsel. As faithful stewards of your gift, be assured that 94 cents of every dollar you contribute goes directly to help neighbors like Alton and Kaitlyn.

On behalf of all we are privileged to serve, I extend my personal gratitude for the many ways you make it possible for CCS/CHS to carry out our mission of mercy and compassion.

Wishing you and yours many blessings at Christmastime and in the coming New Year.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Reichert, President

P.S. Your gift, no matter the amount, will deliver life-changing impact and bring hope to our neighbors like Alton and Kaitlyn. Thank you again for your help in “lighting the pathway to hope!”

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