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CCS Long Term Care permits people with low incomes to remain in the dignity, comfort, and security of their homes despite vulnerabilities of age or disability. Last year, our providers brought 2,034,397 hours of needed services to more than 18,000 homebound individuals in all 19 counties of western Washington.


Read Taylor’s Story

Washington’s shelters see increasing numbers of unhoused people with infirmities due to age and disability, some coming directly from hospitals. They need long-term care to help achieve stability and independent living.

In response, CCS Nativity House shelter offers a program to bring trained long-term caregivers to support these vulnerable guests, helping them build the stability they need to transition to permanent housing. Learn how CCS Long Term Care is making that happen statewide.

Read Kim’s Story

When our neighbors face physical and developmental challenges without the support of nearby family or friends, who steps in to ensure their safety, well-being, and independence?

Meet Kim and Jennifer, her dedicated CCS Long Term Care provider. Learn how they ensure that Kim remains in the safety and comfort of her own home.