The PREPARES (Pregnancy and Parenting Support) parish based program provides, free of charge, child essentials including diapers, wipes, clothing, food, toys and books as well as supportive services such as housing referral, parenting classes and trained volunteer companions.

While not yet in all parishes, the bishops of our state hope to expand PREPARES in order to serve more families in need. The goal, once fully realized, is to offer PREPARES services within a 30 mile radius to mothers and fathers, regardless of beliefs, as they nurture their children through pregnancy to the child’s fifth birthday.

For Veronica, family life was calm, manageable, and predictable…until they found out in 2018 that they were expecting not one baby, but three!

In spring of that year, Veronica gave birth to beautiful triplet boys, born prematurely and needing to stay in the hospital for several weeks. Veronica spent a lot of time there, along with her four-year-old daughter and husband. At the hospital, Veronica was connected with PREPARES and began receiving assistance from both PREPARES and CCS Pregnancy Services.

The first year was very stressful for Veronica and her family. The triplets needed feeding every three hours for the full year. Veronica was exhausted, isolated and without family close by to help with the daily, around the clock demands. An amazingly loving, patient and devoted mother, she was struggling emotionally and physically.

Help arrived when Veronica was matched with a PREPARES companion, Margarita, a parishioner at St. Martin of Tours in Fife. Margarita and Veronica have forged a strong bond and both delight in their time together. Through Margarita’s faithful service with PREPARES, Veronica was provided emotional and psychosocial support in addition to significant assistance with the huge amount of diapers, formula, clothing and other items needed for three growing boys.

Nearly three years later, everyone is healthy, thriving, and finally sleeping. Next up: potty training!

Your PREPARES Valentine Appeal gift, no matter the amount, will have real impact in fulfilling the promise to families in need to provide life affirming, life changing support.

100% of your donation will go directly to serve families in need thanks to the generous sponsorship of The Knights of Columbus Council #676.


PREPARES Family and Companion In Veronica’s words (center):
“Quiero darla las gracias al programa por todo el soporte que me a dado y ayudado en diferentes formas.” / ‘I want to give thanks to the program for everything and the support they have given me and all the different ways they have helped.”

And from her PREPARES companion, Margarita (left):

“I am very thankful for the PREPARES ministry and being invited to be Vero’s companion. I have enjoyed spending time with her and enjoyed watching her grow as a mother. Vero has been such a wonderful and patient mother to her daughter and triplets. She is always vocal about how appreciative she is for the PREPARES support. This truly has been a very rewarding experience for me.”

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