Do you help people of other religions or those who don’t practice any religion?

Catholic Community Services and Catholic┬áHousing Services help all people regardless of their religious affiliation. We don’t ask about people’s beliefs, we ask how we can help.

Do you charge for services?

Most of our services are provided at no cost or minimal cost to the client.

Where can I get your services?

For information about what services are available throughout Western Washington, find the type of service you are interested in through the Get Help link in the top navigation bar. Our services are listed “By Type” and “By Location.”

What percentage of each dollar spent by CCS goes directly to services?

90% of total expenditures goes directly to program services.

Can I donate a car or other vehicle to your organization?

Yes. In order to donate a vehicle to our organization, simply click on the “Donate” drop down above, and select “Donate Cars & Vehicles”.

I would like to inquire about positions available at your agency. How can I do that?

Our website includes listings of all current openings. Click on the “Get Involved” drop down menu in the above navigation, and select “Careers”.