Real Impact, Because of You

Catholic Community Services and Catholic Housing Services are made up of passionate staff, volunteers, advocates, and donors that come from many faith traditions to serve and support the poorest and most vulnerable men, women, and children in Western Washington. Annually serving over 82,000 clients of all beliefs, this committed CCS/CHS network is made up of over 170 programs and services,4,200 dedicated employees and 6,200 selfless volunteers. 

2020 Annual Report Cover Reduced2020 Gratitude Report

This report highlights how Catholic Community Services and Catholic Housing Services (CCS/CHS) met the Covid-19 challenges in 2020 with resilience, compassion and creativity.

Thank you dedicated staff, volunteers, donors, service partners, and government sources! You made it possible for CCS/CHS to remain present for people and communities struggling with poverty and hardship, especially during the pandemic.


Meals Prepared and Served 782,946
Shelters for Those Experiencing Homelessness20
Emergency Bed Nights for Adults and Families Experiencing Homelessness251,677
Children, Youth & Families Provided Behavioral Health Services14,120
Hours of In-home Personal Care Provided By Long Term Care2,125,455
Affordable Housing Units for Adults, Families, Veterans, Seniors, and People with Special Needs2,514


Stories of Hope



Promotores Vaccine Hesitancy Project

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King County

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Foster Care Image

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“I had a lot of dark days and tears not knowing what I was going to do. My young son and I had no place to live. With your support, food, clothes and shelter, I have worked hard to move to your housing program and employment. Without the help of CHS, I would not have healed.”

– Family housed by Catholic Housing Services 

“I have been given a second chance at life. Thank you CCS thank you for helping me find my light and for encouraging me to burn bright. Because of all of you I have had the opportunity today to live out my dreams and to share my hope with others.”

– Addiction and Recovery Services client

“Thank you for kind help in many ways. I’ve received shelter when I needed it, coffee on cold winter mornings, clothes for employment, and meals when I’ve been hungry – all from gracious hands outstretched by your workers. Please continue to pass on the blessings – you do make a difference!”

– Transitional Housing Guest

“They do all this out of love. There are a lot of low-income people who come here, and this is the only hot meal they get. If it weren’t for them, we don’t know what a lot of people would do.”

– Senior Nutrition Client

“After doors shut, one after another, Jeremy (Caseworker) opened doors for me and I am very grateful. I’ve never asked for help but Jeremy made it feel comfortable to even take that step. I was helped to get a job and helped with first and last month’s rent. I was homeless and he helped me get a place and basically gave me more confidence in taking care of my children and providing. I am doing way better thanks to all the support. I just appreciate that they gave me so many opportunities, especially during Covid – always checking to see if I need this or I need that.  They actually do care about the person. Thanks to their help, doors are opening, they are swinging wide open!”

– Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) client and mother of five children

“I would like to let you know how special CCS was with our daughter through very rough times.  As parents we hope to help our children whenever they need us.  Sometimes, they don’t want our help. That’s where CCS was such a godsend.  We are so grateful that you helped get our precious daughter on the right track.  We still have hills to climb, but thanks to you, our daughter is still here to climb them with us.”

– Family served by Family Behavioral Health 

“My caregivers are like loving daughters who help with shopping, housework and fixing my meals.”

– Long Term Care client receiving in-home care