Our Mission is Compassion

Catholic Community Services and Catholic Housing Services are made up of passionate staff, volunteers, advocates, and donors that come from many faith traditions to serve and support the poorest and most vulnerable men, women, and children in Western Washington.

Annually serving nearly 100,000 clients of all beliefs, this committed CCS/CHS network is made up of:


programs and services


dedicated employees


selfless volunteers




“Thank you for your Christ-like work – welcoming the stranger, listening to the downtrodden, sharing joy along the journey. Home can look like a lot of different things, but people know when they have found home.”
-Letter from CCS/CHS permanent housing client

“Thank you for kind help in many ways. I’ve received shelter when I needed it, coffee on cold winter mornings, clothes for employment, and meals when I’ve been hungry – all from gracious hands outstretched by your workers. Please continue to pass on the blessings – you do make a difference!”
-Guest of CCS transitional housing

“I am 92 and blind and not of your faith but as my wife was dying, one of your people was sent to help us. I am sending a small gift for his caring assistance. I am sorry I can’t send more.”
-Elderly CCS client receiving in-home care

“I’ll always be grateful for the help you gave me when I was destitute years ago. May you continue to give people hope and well-being.”
-Guest of CCS shelter

“When a homeless guest passes away and has no one to remember them, CCS staff is there to provide a dignified and meaningful farewell.”
-CCS/CHS shelter staff

“You are my only hope. I am in jail and need someone to talk to. I messed up but I hope you can help me again. I keep hearing you tell me I can do better and I want to. Thank you.”
-Client of the CCS Jail Transition Program

“I had a lot of dark days and tears not knowing what I was going to do. My young son and I had no place to live. With your support, food, clothes and shelter, I have worked hard to move to your housing program and employment. Without the help of CCS, I would not have healed.”
-CHS family who received housing


Thank You!

Real impact is made each day when we come together to offer care and support to our neighbors in need.


2018 Annual Report

Read our 2018 Annual Report, full of impactful statistics and highlights of our successes throughout the year!