Catholic Housing Services seeks to build better lives, stronger families and healthier communities across Western Washington. Established in 1979, CHS develops, owns or manages more than 2,500 affordable housing units at 62 properties throughout Western Washington. With an annual operating budget of approximately $23 million, 236 employees and assets of more than $294 million owned or under management, we serve homeless, low-income and special needs individuals and families.

Creating safety and stability for vulnerable people and building community are the heart and soul of Catholic Housing Services’ mission.

The benefits of a place to call home are many, including long-term housing stability, stronger relationships, and the opportunity for residents to become more fully engaged with the community around them.

We partner with Catholic Community Services to provide supportive services for people who have experienced homelessness, low-income seniors, farmworker families, and those who have special physical and mental needs.

As a major provider and developer of affordable housing in Western Washington, we have a unique role in:

  • Creating affordable housing that meets specific needs in each community
  • Supporting marginalized communities
  • Maintaining healthy, beautiful and dignified homes in communities of choice
  • Advocating for policies that ensure access to housing for our most vulnerable community members
  • Working with partners to ensure residents have the support they need to thrive



We are committed to breaking the cycle of homelessness and poverty by providing subsidized housing coupled with supportive services on site. We accompany and guide residents as they move from crisis to stability, experiencing personal growth and gaining the ability to envision a hope-filled future. As residents begin to know and support each other as peers, they mutually rediscover their own self-worth while building confidence and social capital. Our philosophy is simple: each person has dignity and is given a chance to belong to a community.

We provide safe, dignified family housing for families that struggle with homelessness and poverty. New residents are welcomed by their neighbors, and are invited to take part in the many community activities offered by our partners at CCS. Having a safe and stable place to call home allows children to thrive.

Our Farmworker Initiative addresses the full spectrum of housing and related needs of the farmworker community in Western Washington. Our focus is on housing that provides stability; social services that inspire confidence and hope; and community development that builds bridges of respect. The Initiative demonstrates to the broader community, investors, partners, and philanthropists what can be produced from joint investments and advocacy.

Aging in place can be daunting for people who don’t have family or other supports. Our Senior Housing programs provide rental subsidies from HUD, on-site social services and partnerships with other providers to ensure residents have what they need to live in dignity and age comfortably in their homes.