On Saturday, May 1st the CCS Farmworker Center (FWC) hosted a very special COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic that targeted 24 of the highest need Indigenous farmworker families who needed special services to get vaccinated. CCS collaborated with Skagit County Public Health (SCPH) who provided vaccines and a registered nurse to give the vaccines. The evening was about a slower pace clinic that catered to people’s needs for language translation, document assistance, and for the nurse to work with a translator when administering the vaccine.

Both CCS and SCPH staff, who speak Spanish and Mixteco, were on site to help with education, translation and assistance with completing consent documents. This type of event is so key because it provides a comfortable place for our clients and people who they know and trust.

The vaccine clinic operated from 6 pm to 8 pm to provide a time when people were done with their workday or week. Families were welcome to bring their children, which is something that really matters in order to get the adults to come in for a vaccine.

On Saturday, May 22 the FWC will host the 2nd dose clinic for Indigenous/Latinx clients.

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