CCS Long Term Care Appeal 2022

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“We love her so much — we couldn’t do this without her.” 


This heartfelt sentiment was what Cynthia and Larry most wanted me to know when I visited them in their modest Richmond Beach apartment. Looking over at Rahel, their caregiver, she shoots me a smile from behind her face mask (the pandemic “eye smile” that we have all learned to read so well). She lights up the room!              

Cynthia and Larry have been together for almost twenty years and their commitment to each other is apparent and inspiring. An early photo of them sits on the coffee table–they make a beautiful couple. Talking with them, it becomes clear just how much Rahel means to both of them.  

For many years, Cynthia worked at Safeway, a job that she greatly enjoyed and still misses. Interestingly, Larry was a caregiver himself for 25 years, working at a home for individuals with disabilities. Both have serious medical issues that have made employment impossible. Cynthia has a degenerative disk and joint condition and Larry has suffered a series of strokes that have affected his speech, memory, and physical functioning. They rely on Rahel for daily help with meal preparation, household chores, shopping trips, personal care and a variety of other tasks. 

“I grew up right here in Richmond Beach and I attended St Luke’s grade school as a boy,” says Larry.

Larry and Cynthia still enjoy attending church together. Cynthia has a love for singing and Larry enjoys going out for walks in their neighborhood. Rahel accompanies Larry because of his strokes. “Getting lost can be pretty scary,” he says.

Our home care program employs nearly 2,200 caregivers like Rahel, and each day we serve almost 4,000 individuals. During the span of a year, this adds up to over two million hours of in-home care. Our Long Term Care services are available in every county of western Washington and even some east of the Cascades. Our person-centered care is keeping many individuals from needing higher-level care in nursing homes or hospitals as well as keeping folks in the comfort and security of the homes they love.

Your generosity is helping to provide thousands of hours of care that is not covered by Medicaid or any other source. With your help, CCS can continue our mission to support people who are facing a time of vital need. Your gift, no matter the amount, will have lasting impact for folks like Cynthia and Larry and so many more.

Thank you for your support and generosity.

With deep appreciation,

Dave Budd, Associate Director, Long Term Care