Yesterday, Catholic Community Services of Western Washington shared the news that we have been selected to receive a four-year $5 million grant from the Day 1 Families Fund to expand our mission of creating a safe, loving and nurturing environment for homeless families in need of affordable housing in Pierce County. Through the Day 1 Families Fund, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos donated a total of $97.5 million to 24 nonprofits across the U.S. working on family homelessness.

This grant will allow Catholic Community Services to significantly expand support to children and families experiencing homelessness, including a well-resourced day center focused on providing immediate response and support to homeless families. It will enable the community to reverse the trend of increasing family homelessness and to significantly reduce its prevalence.   Over the duration of the four year grant CCS anticipates problem solving with over 2,800 families and diverting 650 families to immediate housing options.

“We’re thrilled to receive this grant as we celebrate one hundred years of service to vulnerable children and families and kick-off our Centennial Appeal For The Poor,” said Denny Hunthausen, Agency Director at Catholic Community Services. “This grant is an encouraging sign that together, we are committed to addressing this challenge. It will have a considerable impact on family homelessness in Pierce County and we are grateful in this season of Thanksgiving.”

Founded by Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos, the Bezos Day One Fund consists of two programs: the Day 1 Families Fund that provides grants to nonprofit organizations fighting homelessness, and the Day 1 Academies Fund that will fund and build a network of pre-schools in low-income communities across the country. The Day 1 Families Fund’s vision comes from the inspiring Mary’s Place in Seattle: no child should sleep outside. A small group of expert advisors provided input to the Bezos Day One Fund team to select these organizations. The Day 1 Families Fund will be awarding grants annually. For more information, visit

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