Everett, WA – It all started in May, when a CCS/CHS Clare’s Place resident experienced a major loss in her life. To cope with the loss, she started working long shifts and picking up extra hours at a local fast food job, but soon found that her anxiety and depression got in the way of her being able to provide quality customer service. Desperately needing something to do to fill her time and keep her mind busy, the resident approached Clare’s Place Residential Service Counselor Jo-Anna Attebery with an idea – to crochet Christmas stockings for all the residents of Clare’s Place!

While Christmas seemed far away at the time, the resident and Jo-Anna set to work picking out beautiful, vibrant yarns and settling on a pattern. This pattern involved crocheting 17 hexagons per stocking and then sewing those hexagons together to create a stocking. In total, they crocheted 1,105 hexagons!

As the resident completed the hexagons, she brought piles of them to Jo-Anna to start sewing them together. The resident crocheted nearly all the hexagons herself, while Jo-Anna did the assembling.

Their combined efforts resulted in beautiful Christmas stockings stuffed with oranges and chocolates for all 65 residents of Clare’s Place.


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