“We’ve never had to ask before, but would be so grateful just to get food and diapers for our baby. Because of the pandemic, we’ve both lost jobs and are behind on rent.  We hope and pray that things will get better for everyone!”

Never before have the signs of Spring been Green Give Button more welcome, filling our weary souls with hope and healing. This past year, I have seen the faces, learned the names and heard the narratives of neighbors struggling to survive. Pandemic related challenges to already suffering clients called on us to move quickly to accommodate the near impossible work of face-to-face ministry. With the blessings of deeply committed staff, volunteers and generous supporters, we have been able to initiate new ways to provide countless deeds of hope and healing:


    • Driving vulnerable seniors to receive their COVID-19 vaccine
    • Helping families experiencing homelessness move into secure housing
    • Providing food, clothing and basic human needs to those who have lost employment
    • Moving medically fragile shelter guests to motel rooms to ensure safe, secure services
    • Partnering with parishes to address local community needs
    • Opening 24/7 emergency shelters to enable social distancing
    • Providing assistance to farmworkers to remain safe and protected in the fields and at home
    • Affording therapy and recovery for families experiencing mental health emergencies
    • Delivering nutritious meals and providing safe home care assistance to isolated elders
    • Furnishing personal protective equipment to keep employees and those we serve safe
    • Helping low income mothers and families with essentials such as diapers and food
    • Aiding Veterans to overcome housing, healthcare and transportation challenges
  • Pivoting from in person to online critically needed counseling sessions
  • Increasing drug and alcohol treatment related to pandemic isolation
  • Arranging assistance for individuals and families facing eviction

Our ministry to tens of thousands in need during this pandemic would not be possible without your tireless commitment to our mission and to your spirit of generosity and compassion.  To quote a colleague, “In the pandemic we have relearned the things that are most important.  We need each other more than ever.”  That lesson is surely a comfort to those in our care and to our own families and friends. That said, the reality and repercussions of the pandemic remain, especially for those who continue to suffer not knowing if they will have food for their kids, a roof over their heads or a viable job. Your generosity is vital to our ability to provide a safety net of critical services to the poorest of the poor.  We cannot do this alone; we need “each other more than ever.”

As always, I can personally assure you that 92 cents of every dollar you give will go to direct services. As good stewards of your generosity, it is imperative that we remain diligent in our commitment to investing in quality program delivery. Please know that every dollar donated is precious, appreciated and received with deep gratitude.

In our service to people of all beliefs, the expectation of renewal is fundamental to extending help and providing hope. At the inception of this letter are the caring words from a family in need, “We hope and pray that things will get better for everyone!”  I too pray that you and yours and those we serve will find renewed connection, good health and hope in this Spring season of rebirth and restoration.

With gratitude,

Michael Reichert, CCS/CHS President



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