Kent, WA – Lovae’s success story is a “dream scenario” according to her CCS Case Manager Alida. “She was motivated and she put in the work. If you look into the factors against her she should not be doing as well as she is.” Lovae is 64, has a learning disability and struggles with mental health issues. She has always lived in a “program apartment,” a shelter, or a group home.

Now, she is finally living in an affordable apartment that she pays for herself and she is learning to be a member of a community. Back in September, Lovae was a guest of the Hospitality House, a small women-only shelter in Burien. Lovae connected with CCS Rapid Re-Housing (RRH) Program which supports individuals and families experiencing homelessness. Lovae was Alida’s first client.

Alida supported Lovae and accompanied her to apply for senior housing. After eight weeks, Lovae heard back that her application had been accepted! She signed her lease on December 22, 2021. She didn’t want to spend Christmas alone, so Hospitality House welcomed her to continue to stay with them through the holidays.

Rapid Re-Housing Program covered Lovae’s application fee, her deposit, and rent for the first month. RRH continued to provide a portion of her rent. Now Lovae is paying for her own rent with SSDI benefits. Case managers at RRH typically continue to support clients up to a month after they are housed to increase the chances of housing stability. Alida requested, and her supervisor granted her, special permission to continue to support Lovae for several more months.

Lovae’s church helped her furnish her new apartment. It is often surreal for clients who have never had their own place to find a place to call home. When entering her apartment for the first time Lovae walked around touching objects saying, “This is my door, this is my window, this is my toilet and I don’t have to share it with anyone.”

A skill that Lovae is learning is self-advocacy. As she learns to advocate for herself, she says that support of CCS staff is teaching her that she has value and worth. Lovae’s heart is in service. “When you walk into the dining room of her apartment complex she makes you feel welcome,” said her case manager. Lovae expressed hope in going back to Hospitality House to volunteer as a greeter. She said, “I want to give back and now I can do it.” Lovae’s hope for the future is to stay at her current apartment through the end of her lease and then move to an apartment building in Burien. She would like to be close to her friends to provide volunteer chore support such as washing dishes.

“I shouldn’t say that I am proud of her, but I am so proud of her,” said her case manager. It is stories like this that help case mangers persevere through tough caseloads. Lovae truly is a success story and we wish her all the best.


Watch Lovae’s home tour in this video from Hospitality House!

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