Are You a Married Couple Looking to Adopt a Child

Thank you for your interest in Catholic Adoption Services of Washington State, a program of Catholic Community Services. We have been placing children for adoption since 1937 and continue that tradition today. While our headquarters office is located in Seattle, we work with couples throughout the State of Washington. You do not need to live in Western Washington to apply to adopt through one of our adoption programs.

About CCS 

We provide educational and counseling preparation for adoption as well as the required home study. The educational and counseling preparation for adoption are provided through in-person meetings with our professional staff and recommended literature, media presentations and classes. The home study is also guided by our professional staff and includes in-person interviews both individually and as a couple, references, home inspection, medical clearance, criminal history background clearance, etc.

Catholic Adoption Services of Washington State has been accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Services to Children, Families and Youth (COA) since 1984. Accreditation with COA, a national accrediting body, is prestigious and signifies high standards for excellence in service delivery and accountability.


Catholic Adoption Services of Washington State places infants for adoption from throughout the state of Washington. We are headquartered in Seattle and provide direct service to birth mothers in Western Washington. We provide services to birth mothers in Eastern Washington through an agreement with Catholic Family & Child Services in Yakima and Catholic Charities in Spokane. We provide adoption preparation, home study, child placement and post placement supervision for those interested in adoption throughout the entire State.

In most instances, birth parents participate in the selection of the adoptive family for their baby from profiles created by applicants who have completed the home study process and been approved for adoption. Each birth mother has a unique cluster of requirements and preferences when it comes to the adoptive family for her baby. Birth parents can specify preferences for religion, education level, income level, location of adoptive family, interests and activities, etc. By parent choice, many of our adoptive placements have some degree of openness. The degree of openness is agreed upon between the birth parents and the adoptive parents.

Applicants to this program should be married for a minimum of three years and have a fertility challenge. Applicants need not be Catholic to apply. We serve birth mothers of diverse religious backgrounds. The vast majority request adoptive parents who are affiliated with some Christian denomination, however. Some birth mother’s do specify a Catholic adoptive family for their child. Catholic Adoption Services of Washington State does not impose an age limit for application. We do emphasize, however, that most birth others are young and select adoptive couples who are in their 30’s to mid-40’s.

International Programs

Catholic Adoption Services of Washington State works cooperatively with a number of other professionals, licensed and accredited adoption agencies throughout the United States who have direct child placing contracts in a number of different countries throughout the world. Through interagency agreements we work directly with Holt International, AAC Family Builders and Americans for International Aid and Adoption.


If you are interested in more information about any of our programs, we invite you to complete and return the Adoption Information Questionnaire. Click here for the Adoption Information Questionnaire.

You may mail the Adoption Information Questionnaire to:

Carol Ryan, Adoption Supervisor
Catholic Adoption Services of Washington
100 23rd Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98144-2302

You may FAX the Adoption Information Questionnaire to:
Attn: Carol Ryan, Adoption Supervisor

Click here to e-mail the Adoption Information Questionnaire to: Carol Ryan, Adoption Supervisor

Upon receipt of your completed questionnaire, a staff member will contact you to schedule an orientation meeting. At the orientation meeting you will receive extensive information about our programs. You will be given an adoption application and program fee sheet. The educational and counseling preparation and the home study process begin upon receipt of the completed adoption application.

We look forward to serving you.