The Child and Family Mental Health Program of Catholic Community Services of Western Washington (CCSWW) provides counseling services for children and their families throughout the Greater Seattle and South King County regions.  We serve clients and their families in a variety of settings, including family homes, schools, and our counseling offices.

As a member of the CCSWW Family Behavioral Health System, we strive to provide care that is strengths-based, family driven, and culturally relevant. We know that each family has a unique story, and our services are specifically tailored to fit the family’s specified goals.

Our skilled team, which includes therapists, a child psychiatrist, and support staff, offers assessment and individual service planning, case management, psychiatric services, mental health counseling, and parenting classes. In addition, 24/7 crisis response is available for all of our enrolled clients.

What We Do


What is WISe?

WISe stands for Wraparound with Intensive Services. WISe is a voluntary service that takes a team approach to meeting your child’s needs. It provides intensive mental health services to support your child and helps your family reach your goals.

For more information about WISe, please CLICK HERE.

Incredible Years:
The Incredible Years is a parenting curriculum for parents of children ages 2-8. Participants can self-refer or be referred by a social worker. The class meets once-a-week for 18 weeks and covers such subjects as child-directed play, emotional regulation, and leading kids toward emotional and social success. Food and childcare are provided. There is no cost to attend.

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