The CCS Family Behavioral Health office in Olympia serves children and families in their homes and communities in Thurston, Mason, Grays Harbor, and Lewis Counties. In our work with kids, families and communities our priorities include:

Family Voice and Choice

The family is the center of the services we provide, and we work hard to ensure that the family’s voice is heard. Individuals who have experienced recovery from substance abuse, mental health concerns, and family problems are employed by CCS to help current client families navigate “the system”.

Team Based

When other professionals are involved with kids and families, CCS workers engage them to create plans that help families in a variety of ways.

Involvement of natural supports

CCS works to strengthen connections between kids and their extended families and friends.


We work as a team with other supports, such as schools, churches, doctors and family members, to ensure that needs are met.


We believe that children, even those with high needs, do best in their communities when safety can be assured. We work with our families and partners to come up with innovative and creative ways to help kids and families remain safe and together.

Culturally competent

We strive to provide services that take into consideration the uniqueness of every child and family.


Services are specific to the child and family.


It’s easy to talk about what’s going wrong, but it’s just as important to see what’s going right! We base service goals on existing strengths in children and families, and believe that building on strengths can help to solve problems.


We are there for the child and family, no matter what. We never give up.


Our services are planned to meet specific goals.


We provide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are available when we’re needed. We provide services in homes and communities – in places most comfortable for kids and families.

What We Do

Wraparound with Intensive Services

Wraparound is a consumer driven, community-based alternative to hospitalization and more restrictive care. It is not a set of “services” but a philosophy and team-based process driven by family voice. The process of Wraparound features team-based assessment, planning, action, and evaluation.

Children’s Crisis Stabilization

Provided in Thurston and Mason Counties for Medicaid and Medicaid-eligible children and their families. Crisis stabilization services are designed to assist children who are experiencing mental health crisis to help them remain in their homes and avoid psychiatric hospitalization. Crisis services are referred through local hospital emergency departments, the RSN/DCFS Liaison, the Family Alliance for Mental Health, Behavioral Health Resources, Seamar Behavioral Health, and the Integrated Case Management Team.

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