All children need a safe and caring home with a loving caregiver to grow and thrive. For children suffering from neglect and abuse, a foster home is a bridge to love and security at a time when they need it most. At CCS, our mission is to provide a caring family for every child we serve. To do that we need families like yours who are willing to open their hearts and homes to a child who desperately needs it.

CCS is an innovative foster care service provider who can license your home for any type of foster care offered in Washington State including: community based, pediatric interim care, international and therapeutic. There is an urgent need for foster homes in your neighborhood right now and we want to partner with you as your child placing agency to be a part of a child’s healing journey.

When you make the decision to provide foster care through CCS, we know that it’s a joint commitment and our responsive and dedicated staff will provide you with all the tools and support you need 24/7 to be successful.  Join us in our mission by sharing your love and home with a child in need!

Join us at 2 pm on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month for a virtual introduction to Catholic Community Services Foster Care programs. This meeting includes a foster parent orientation, a chance to meet the CCS foster care team, and a Q&A to help guide you on your foster care journey. Register HERE!

Check out more stories from staff and parents!

This Is Why We Foster

Our family has been fostering for almost three years now. We have had around 30 kids in our home, some of them in sibling groups. It has been a fun, tiring, challenging, and rewarding journey. We look back at each child with great fondness. We love and miss even the most challenging ones. We have been lucky enough to keep in touch with some of the kids we have had in our home. We have found it so much easier if we establish a relationship with their parents. It puts their parents at ease when they understand our goal is reunification and this relationship makes it easier on the kids.

We once had a child who really pulled on our heart strings. She was a fifteen year old girl who grew up with her parents who suffered from substance abuse. She was responsible for taking care of her much younger sibling who had special needs. She felt alone and isolated, which lead her to make the difficult decision to report her parents to CPS. She struggled with the guilt of reporting her parents, however she felt that she had to do it for her sister and herself. This is when she came to us.

Foster care gave her and her parents a chance to heal. Now she is a straight A student and dreams of college and what her future holds. Her plan is to keep straight A’s and to do running start and graduate with an associate’s degree.

Her resiliency and determination have inspired us so much. To see this young woman face what she has been dealt in her short life and having the strength, determination, and desire to make a better life for herself by reporting her parents just does something to our hearts I cannot explain. We are so proud of her and so glad we were given the chance to be a part of her life and help to change her story.

While she was placed with us we were in good communication with her parents as they started their road to recovery. We let them know that we wanted to support them and their reunification. We established a good and lasting relationship that lead to them asking us to be an emergency contact for their daughter when she returned home. We are so thankful that we get to be a part of her life forever and cannot wait to see what is in store for her future.

This is why we love what we do. This is why we foster, to give and to gain. Call Catholic Community Services today at 253-502-2745 or visit us online.

Caring for Medically Fragile Foster Care Children

The medical condition wasn’t expected, they rarely are. She didn’t expect her child to need around the clock care. And then when her husband left because the stress was too great to bear, she was the only one caring for their child. Her support system dwindled because she could barely manage her own life, let alone keeping up with anything else. She couldn’t hold down a job because she had to care for her daughter 24 hours a day. Soon she couldn’t pay rent and found herself homeless, living out of her car and wondering how her child was going to survive, how she was going to survive.

Thankfully she found Catholic Community Services.

Not all children come into care because of abuse. In some situations, when a child is born medically fragile, circumstances arise where a parent can no longer take care of their child and they have to be placed in foster care.

“Medically fragile” is defined as a chronic physical condition which results in a prolonged dependency on medical care for which daily skilled intervention is medically necessary. These children require specialized care and caretakers who understand and can handle providing that care.

Does this stir something in your heart? Although some foster parents who open their home to medically involved children may have professional training in the medical field, all do not, when they begin this journey.  Some families may do this because they know that this population is more vulnerable than others or because they have experienced a family member or friend who needed this extra level of care.

There is a special compassion needed to care for a medically fragile child. If you are feeling this stir in your heart to pursue foster care for this vulnerable population, start by asking us your questions. Catholic Community Services has experienced case management support to help families navigate caring for a child with complicated medical needs.  Please reach out and call today. Discover where you fit into the foster care story. Together, let’s change the future for these children.

Call Catholic Community Services today at 253-502-2745 or visit us online.



Community Foster Care

Foster local children ages newborn and up – single children, sibling groups and more.

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Medically Fragile/Drug Exposed Infants

Join our team of dedicated families to love and nurture drug exposed/medically fragile infants and children.

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Therapeutic Foster Care

Therapeutic Foster Care with Family Behavioral Health for youth ages 6 – 18.

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International Foster Care

Foster children ages 13 and up from around the world!

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