Our mission is to tutor, guide, and inspire youth living in low-income and public housing to achieve academic success.


The Youth Tutoring Program (YTP) is an after-school educational enrichment program for first through twelfth-grade students who live in five low-income and public housing communities in Seattle. Started as a partnership with the Seattle Housing Authority in 1991, the tutoring centers provide youth with a safe, positive, and stimulating environment to explore learning and experience academic and personal success.

Volunteers are the heart of the program. They work with students individually or in pairs to follow each student’s individualized learning plan. We are in need of tutoring volunteers throughout the school year, and during the summer.

At the tutoring centers, students build skills in reading and math, get help with homework, and grow their confidence. There are five YTP tutoring centers located throughout Seattle. YTP is bidding farewell to its Lake Washington Apartments location, but we will always cherish the memories made there with volunteers and scholars. Centers are open in the late afternoon and early evening hours. YTP students are wonderfully diverse, representing many nationalities, cultures, languages, and religions.

“YTP has bridged the gap between me and [my child’s] school. I am very grateful to YTP staff and volunteers that make YTP a safe, respectful and productive space for all our children. THANK YOU!” – YTP Parent

Our Students

“The Center Supervisor advocates for not only my children but for every child at YTP. She has taken time out of her day to attend my daughter’s Individualized Education Program meeting so she could be of service and a part of the discussion to help her succeed. I appreciate that more than she will ever know.” – YTP Parent

“I’ve seen the most gains in [my YTP student’s] engagement in LA [Language Arts] and her willingness to participate in class, advocate for herself and try new things. She was a little below standard when she first started at my school, and is now meeting standard in most LA skills.” – Seattle Public School Teacher

“YTP helped me with my courses including staying on top of my assignments. They helped me prepare for the future and what it has for me. There are a lot of things I excel at that I can’t wait to do very soon.” – YTP Student

“I really like the chance to work 1:1 with my student, to form a relationship with them, and to be a part of a great community in the tutoring center. I feel like I can use my skills effectively at YTP. YTP is often a highlight of my day/week!” – YTP Tutor


Our Impact

In a recent survey, 88% of the students and their parents, and 74% of their teachers reported improvements in grades or schoolwork, or maintained academic success due to participation in our program.

YTP offers academic support and a positive presence in these youths’ lives. As a result of attending tutoring, YTP students gain the academic confidence and skills that they need to succeed in school. They plan for a future that includes high school graduation and college and career success.

Volunteer with the Youth Tutoring Program
There are many ways you can become involved with YTP! We offer a variety of volunteer experiences to match diverse interests and experience levels. We are always looking for volunteer tutors for our programs – which occur year around. Volunteers are asked to tutor for a minimum of half the school year. For additional information on our programs, please contact our volunteer coordinator at 206-328-5953 or click here to email.

Volunteer Now

Training & Support for Volunteers at YTP

Before beginning, our volunteers attend a volunteer orientation where they learn about the program and agency, receive important rules and information about how the program works, and discover great tips for working with, and tutoring our students. In addition, YTP provides supplemental tutor trainings on various topics throughout the year. All tutoring centers are staffed with a full-time Center Supervisor. Our staff members are available to answer any questions volunteers have.


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Tutoring Center Information