Archives of the Housing & Hope Email Series

Read the CCS/CHS 2020- 2021 monthly email series about housing and homelessness

The journey to stable housing is often nonlinear and complex. It looks different for each of the clients we serve, and necessitates individualized approaches to ensure a safe, successful path to housing stability for everyone in our care. In order to make this stability a reality, CCS/CHS adopted a philosophy of supportive housing over a decade ago.

CCS/CHS explored an 11-part email series highlighting a different CCS/CHS program and sharing the story of a client’s journey to housing stability with that program, emphasizing the complexity of both the experience of homelessness and the paths to stability. We hope readers were able to learn more about permanent supportive housing, gain an in-depth look at our programs across Western Washington, and meet clients from all walks of life, each on their own journey to housing and hope.

Email Series Archive:

Email 1: Kickoff & Introduction to the Issues

Email 2: Noel House Triples Placements During Peak COVID-19 Closures

Email 4: A Family's Journey to Housing Stability

Email 5: Futures for Farmworkers

The Creating Futures with Hope for Farmworkers in Western Washington initiative provides affordable housing, social services, and community development for one of the most vulnerable populations in WA. Learn more about the CCS/CHS initiative in the January 2021 email here. 

Email 6: Thea Bowman Apartments

CCS and CHS work in tandem to develop permanent supportive housing across Western Washington. Learn more about the partnership and the new Thea Bowman Apartments, in the February 2021 email here.

Email 7: Lifelong Partners: CCS/CHS and the Provision of Specialized Care

CCS/CHS offers specialized care for individuals and families at every stage of life. This month’s story features CCS Benedict House and the relationships formed between staff and residents. You can read the March 2021 email here.

Email 8: Communities of Concern

This month, the Housing & Hope series focuses on how CCS/CHS uplifts our communities of concern: through community-oriented and community-led solutions, with various Housing Initiatives, and by working alongside other non-profits. Read the email here! 

Email 9: Mental Health and Housing Stability

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, this Housing & Hope email highlights CReW Behavior Health Programs, one of CCS/CHS’s mental health and substance use treatment programs. Read the email here.

Email 10: Innovative Housing in the Time of COVID-19

For June’s Housing and Hope email, we explore how CCS/CHS houses clients during the pandemic. Find out more about the “new normal” HERE!

Email 11: Thank you for reading Housing & Hope!

To wrap up the Housing & Hope series, this month features a recap of the series as a whole. Read the final edition of the series HERE.

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