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The journey to stable housing is often nonlinear and complex. It looks different for each of the clients we serve, and necessitates individualized approaches to ensure a safe, successful path to housing stability for everyone in our care. In order to make this stability a reality, CCS/CHS adopted a philosophy of supportive housing over a decade ago.

CCS/CHS is kicking off a 12-part email series which will highlight a different CCS/CHS program and share the story of a client’s journey to housing stability with that program, emphasizing the complexity of both the experience of homelessness and the paths to stability. Sign up to learn more about permanent supportive housing, gain an in-depth look at our programs across Western Washington, and meet clients from all walks of life, each on their own journey to housing and hope.

How You Can Help

Click Here for a list of volunteer opportunities and needed donations for housing programs throughout Western Washington.