Volunteer Opportunities

The mission of Volunteer Services (formerly Volunteer Chore Services) is to assist low-income older adults and adults with chronic illnesses or disabilities remain independent in their own home. We match volunteers with older adults to provide companionship, light housework, and other simple chores. Opportunities to help are available all over the county. Below are a few ways you can get involved.

Visitors and Chore Buddies

Volunteer Services helps older adults and adults with disabilities remain independent by assisting them with everyday household chores that they are unable to keep up with on their own, such as vacuuming, laundry, grocery shopping and yard work. Your help is needed in your neighborhood, on your schedule and based on your availability.

Phone Buddy

Do you have time each week for a phone conversation with an older adult? “Phone Buddies” is a special project of Volunteer Services, King County, to provide older adults with support through a weekly phone call. Many of these individuals no longer have the friendships they once had and greatly benefit from regular communication with another caring individual. They have wonderful stories and experiences to share with you.

MS Volunteer Chore Services Assistant

Be a volunteer to someone living with Multiple Sclerosis in your neighborhood! Many times, individuals with MS have mobility problems or problems with fatigue. Your caring visits may mean the difference between a neighbor staying in her/his own home and having to move into assisted living or a nursing home.

On Call 

Could you or a friend fit in time to help out just once a month? How about 4 times a year? Sign up as an on-call volunteer and receive regular emails about one-time wishes for help in your neighborhood. On-call opportunities are usually only a couple of hours a month, and could include transportation, yardwork, cleaning, moving assistance or other simple chores. This is a great opportunity for groups too—gather together a bunch of friends, coworkers, or members of a club or church to get together and pitch in to help a senior.

Volunteer Transportation

Volunteer drivers are needed throughout King County to drive or carpool with seniors and adults with disabilities to doctor’s appointments, the grocery store, the pharmacy, and other important locations. Giving your time once a week or even once a month can make a huge difference in the life of a senior in your community! Volunteer Services provides qualified volunteer drivers with mileage reimbursement, training, and umbrella insurance.

Group Opportunities 

Volunteer Services has a number of opportunities for groups of all sizes. Group projects are an excellent way to provide a first taste of volunteer service with your friends, youth group, community group, faith community or corporate team. Groups contribute their skills in painting, home clean-up, minor home repair, moving or yard work.

Having help with simple tasks like these can make a real difference in someone’s life.

Volunteer Services, a program of Catholic Community Services, is a “safety net” for older adults and adults living with disabilities who are unable to afford chore help or are ineligible for state/paid chore services. All recipients live on a limited income, have chronic health conditions or difficulty with mobility, and most live alone. We carefully match volunteers to opportunities based on their personalities, neighborhood, and preferences, and provide training and ongoing support to our volunteers. Join us in supporting our elders!




School Employees Credit Union of Washington (SECUW) put their gardening skills to work to rejuvenate a garden. Thank you SECUW for your hard work and great results!