Catholic Community Services is proud to serve low-income elders and adults with disabilities in Snohomish County.  Our volunteers provide a variety of services to those who need a little help in their lives to remain safely at home for as long as possible.

The people we serve

Low-income elders (those age 60 and over) and adults with disabilities (temporary or permanent) who cannot pay for services, do not qualify for state-paid services and do not have family and friends available to help them.

Our volunteers

Over 200 individuals of all ages, cultures and backgrounds serve our clients.  The skills and abilities brought to our program by these volunteers are numerous, and their gifts of time and talent are invaluable to our clients.

What we do

Volunteers may help clients with a variety of tasks that help the client live an independent, safe, fulfilling life.


A volunteer will visit a client every one or two weeks to assist with light housekeeping duties to include vacuuming, dusting, doing dishes and laundry.

Volunteer Transportation

A volunteer provides client transportation to grocery store, pharmacy, or other essential errands.

Grocery shopping

Many clients need a volunteer to assist with grocery shopping every two weeks. A volunteer may take client to the store or go shopping on behalf of the client to ensure they have adequate food supplies in their home.

Yard care

For clients who are limited in their mobility due to age or disability who find it challenging to maintain their yard. Volunteers can help with lawn mowing, weeding and pruning making sure our client’s yard are well kept and safe.

Home repair/accessibility options

Volunteers can assist with minor home repairs, such as light bulb changing, closet door re-hanging, or leaky faucets. For repairs beyond our scope we refer to Snohomish County Senior Services.

Wood provision

Many clients depend on woodstoves or fireplaces to heat their homes. Volunteers participate in chopping and transporting wood so that these clients can stay warm and safe during cold weather.


Volunteers can support isolated or home-bound clients by making regular phone calls to check up on the client’s health and wellbeing.

What about group projects?

Volunteer Services has a number of opportunities for groups of all sizes to provide services to eligible clients. Group projects are an excellent way to provide a one-time taste of volunteer service for a youth group, community group or corporate team. Groups contribute their skills in painting, home clean-up, minor home repair, moving or yard work. For more information or to sign up your group, contact us.