REACH OUT Homeless Winter Shelter Programs provide shelter, daily meals and case management services to homeless adults in South King County. The program is operated during the winter months and relies on partnerships with area congregations, community organizations, businesses, and public and private contributors, as well as many caring individuals and families. The program’s goal is to serve those in need by providing support to assist them in achieving self-sufficiency, in turn strengthening our community. Each winter season, homeless men and women receive three meals a day and a safe, warm place to spend each night, thanks to the hard work and contributions of many.

We welcome your support in any way that you are able and willing to give: time and energy, resources, monetary donations and prayer.

REACH OUT Men’s and Women’s Shelters are winter shelter programs and are open from October 1 to March 31.

Intake Location for the REACH OUT program:
CCS-Kent Family Center
1229 W Smith St, Kent WA
Monday – Friday, 1-2 pm
or by appointment, call (253) 854-0077

Federal Way intakes 
Federal Way Day Center
33505 14th Place South, Suite D
Federal Way, WA
Monday – Friday, 10 am – 3 pm
or by appointment, call (253) 893-7895

Intake Information: Questions contact SKC Shelter Services Catholic Community Services at (253) 854-0077.

Reach Out provides the following essential services during the Winter Shelter Season:

  • Each person is screened for a history of violent or predatory behavior to ensure a safe environment at the shelter
  • Overnight supervision at the host facility
  • Case management support, tailored to each individual’s needs and strengths, is offered to assist in obtaining employment, housing, education, counseling, health care for medical and mental health needs
  • Housing options explored for each client with the goal of stable housing
  • Contact with Veterans Services
  • Referrals to community resources such as Department of Social and Health Services and Social Security Administration
  • Employment Assistance: job counseling, placement and referrals
  • Drug and Alcohol recovery support: education and counseling groups
  • Referrals to individual counseling