Our Services:

The Tenant Law Center, formerly known as the Legal Action Center, offers free legal assistance to qualifying low-income persons in the City of Seattle who are facing eviction or subsidy termination. The first step in getting help is to call the Tenant Law Center at (206) 324-6890.

Tenants will speak with our staff to have their case evaluated, and if appropriate, we will schedule an appointment. Our staff attorneys and paralegals provide free legal help ranging from self-help info to representation in court.

Client Testimonials

“I thought your services were handled in a professional, compassionate, understanding way. I can’t thank you enough!”

“Very helpful and kind. It was exactly what I was in need of in terms of legal support and everything was handled quickly and effectively.”

“The staff was sincere and empathetic, and we really appreciated being informed of the progress every step of the way. We no longer felt ‘alone’ or overwhelmed by our situation.”