“Three years ago I was standing on a street corner. I had no idea what was next. I was 60 years old, and I was dying out there. I knew I needed help.”

At the tender age of thirteen, Dennis found himself homeless, alone, with no safe place to rest or family to care for him. After escaping a difficult and challenging childhood, Dennis had to learn how to fend for himself on the streets. For years he struggled with brutal nights in the cold, trouble retaining jobs, and a drug addiction that threatened his life and any small steps of progress he would make.

Three years ago, Dennis walked into a CCS Family Center not knowing what to expect but hoping for a lifeline. He was given a spot in a shelter, and then after a year, a permanent spot in one of Catholic Housing Services’ (CHS) low-income housing units. Now thriving in his small apartment, Dennis is sober, has reconnected with his family, and is an active advocate for those still struggling. “I feel like I have to stand up and support the people that have helped myself and my family, and many more.”

Your gifts to CHS, combined with gifts of others, enables families and individuals like Dennis to find affordable, safe housing and supportive services. Together, we can make a home a reality for men, women, and children in need throughout Western Washington.

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