“Maybe there are some people out there that really need this in their lives.” These sage words from a seven year old volunteer as she delivered hand-made cards with messages of hope and love to grateful shelter guests. This caring gesture reminded me that so many of those we serve live in isolation and oftentimes lack even the smallest signs of warmth and affection.

Every day, I am energized by our amazing network of gifted staff and dedicated volunteers who tell of their successes and challenges in providing help that empowers and hope that lasts.

As we welcome this spring season of rebirth and hope, I wanted to share with you a few stories of how your gift of support has a profound impact on the renewal of precious lives.

Supportive staff recalls:

“I remember the bitter cold, windy night Maria had escaped her abuser.  My heart cried for her as a victim of human trafficking and abuse.  In the time we’ve worked together, she has become strong, resourceful and so grateful for our help with parenting skills, permanent housing and employment. Maria inspires me!”

From Maria:

“Being a good mother is the most important thing to me and all your help and patience has been significant.  I am so thankful for everything and especially touched that you even remember us on holidays and my little girl’s birthday.”

It’s with the support from donors like you that Maria and her daughter were able to move out of the shadows of fear into the light of healing and happiness.

With 175 programs across Western Washington, we remain dedicated to our common mission of mercy and on any given day…

  • an isolated elder is delivered a hot meal and cheerful conversation
  • shelter guests are helped to navigate a job fair
  • a long-time homeless family receives their key to a permanent place to call home
  • a client’s serious mental health crisis is de-escalated
  • volunteers are trained to teach and nurture new mothers who have chosen life
  • a homeless vet gets needed steel toed boots for his new job
  • a shelter guest is revived from a near fatal overdose
  • a young volunteer is welcomed to spread joy and smiles to lonely elders
  • …and the list goes on of hopeful steps, large and small, that will assist those we serve to find their personal strengths to move from a path of poverty to one of promise.

Our work is difficult and demanding but I am humbled every day to hear stories of bravery, strength and hope about those in our care.  Your gifts of support are powerful and have real impact in helping renew precious lives of neighbors like Latrivia.

Escaping an abusive relationship, Latrivia was without a home for years.  Alone and afraid, she found our Women’s Wellness Center where she was welcomed with smiles.  Although homeless, Latrivia had employment that provided meager wages. The Center offered a safe place where she could shower, launder her work clothing and engage in meaningful guidance that led to permanent housing.  Latrivia is our friendly neighbor who is a fearless, resilient, hard-working survivor striving to get things back on track.

Thank you again for your partnership in our mission of mercy. As you bless others with your generous donations and messages of hope, may you also be blessed with hope and renewal this spring and throughout the year.

With gratitude,

Michael Reichert, President

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