Hope had slept in over 112 different places by the time she came to Catholic Housing Services (CHS). Fleeing an abusive relationship and struggling to overcome spiraling addiction, Hope tried to survive outside, in the woods, and anywhere she could find for five long years.

One day Hope was referred to a CHS shelter for women where she could finally lay her belongings down and sleep safely. Once rested, Hope got down to business planning her next steps, and a few short months later, transitioned into permanent CHS housing. Today, her life looks completely different. With the help of CHS services, Hope is now in recovery, healthy, and has returned to school. Her future looks bright!

Every night, hundreds of people fall asleep without a roof over their head. We see them as we drive through town, surviving under overpasses and in tents along the highway. These neighbors of ours have no assurance of safety, no place to settle into or call home. Every day, CHS works to make our communities stronger and safer by creating structures that make home a reality for each and every person.

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