We received the devastating news late on a Saturday evening in February that the COVID-19 had taken a foothold in our region. By that Monday morning, based on CDC and Health Department directives, we had revised and implemented immediate changes to how our caregivers serve our vulnerable, medically fragile clients who live alone in the homes they love.

Through planning and incredible work by our dedicated office staff, we have protected both from the worst outcome of the virus. Happily, I can report that we have successfully served over 4,500 clients without losing a single soul to this disease.  But, we need your help to sustain our efforts.

This has been a long, tough battle. Our staff are essential workers, reporting to work every day through it all.  I cannot convey how proud I am of the amazing job staff have done caring for over 4,500 people while changing methods on the fly to protect everyone. Staff have delivered this care while managing their own families through this pandemic. Now most staff have added juggling childcare and remote learning oversight to their already full plate.

While we have been fortunate to receive some extra state funding, this funding has ended. We don’t know what challenges the next several months will present for our Home Care services, but I do know that with your help we will keep going and safely provide vital, compassionate services to frail elders and people with disabilities.

We worry especially about those in our families who are elderly or have health challenges.  These exactly describe the thousands of low income, isolated men and women we serve. To each of these, our commitment every day is to extend a critical lifeline of compassionate care, comfort and human connection.  With the uncertainties of the pandemic, our services are all the more urgent and meaningful.

I promise that your gift, no matter the amount, will have real and positive impact in helping our vulnerable elders during this crisis of the century.

With sincere gratitude,

Peter Nazzal, Director of Long Term Care

P.S. A gift of $100 helps to safely provide caring companionship and healing to homebound neighbors in your community. Your gift, no matter the amount, will have real impact! Thank you.

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