Housing and Essential Needs (HEN) – Kitsap County

The Kitsap County Housing and Essential Needs Program is a program operated by Catholic Community Services. Our office number is (360) 373-0638 and our office is open Monday through Friday from 8 am – 4 pm.

The HEN program of Kitsap County offers qualifying residents services such as rental assistance, security deposits, move in costs, bus vouchers, and monthly essential needs (toilet paper, shampoo, hygiene items, etc.). In conjunction to these services, we also offer case management to help people gain and/or maintain stable housing.

The PILOT program is a separate pool of funding set aside for those who are currently receiving SSI/SSDI. To qualify for the PILOT program, you will need to be receiving social security benefits (SSI/SSDI) and make below 30% of the Area Medium Income. The benefits are primarily the same as the HEN program, but clients are responsible for paying 30% of their income towards their rent, and will have a one year term on the program. The goal of the PILOT program is to help residents get on their feet and be able to independently maintain stable housing by the end of their one year term.

How do I apply?


HEN is a direct referral program through DSHS. If you qualify for ABD (Aged, Blind and Disabled program), DSHS will refer you to programs you are eligible for and HEN may be one of them. If DSHS gives you a referral for HEN, please all our offices at 360-373-0638 and schedule an appointment for an Intake. You will need to bring the referral letter with you to the appointment


If you are interested in applying for the PILOT program, are currently receiving social security income, and make below 30% of the Area Medium Income for Kitsap County. Please call our office at (360) 373-0638 to see if you qualify. Please be prepared to answer a few questions and be aware that you will be required to bring a copy of your Social Security Award Letter, your State Identification Card, and a copy of your lease if you are currently housed.

Contact Us

Phone: (360) 373-0638
Fax: (360) 627-9967
Email: HenSupport@CCSWW.org

285 5th St. STE. 2
Bremerton, WA 98337

“HEN helped me move from transitional housing into permanent housing and taught me the tools I need to maintain it. They stuck with me and cared about me during my times of struggle. Having never worked before, HEN helped me apply and interview for my first job. Today, I have my own apartment, a job, I pay my bills, and I continue to work my way up into the person that I want to be as I start this new chapter in my life.” – HEN Client