Kinship Services

In King County, there are an estimated 18,000 kinship caregivers. They include grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings and others caring for family members’ children when circumstances prevent their parents from caring for them.

Children deserve every opportunity to succeed. As someone who is parenting the children of others, you want to provide these children with love, stability and security. By taking on additional responsibilities, you are offering a child the chance to stay connected to his or her family, culture, neighborhood and school.

However, we know it is not always easy and you may have many questions. Extra support and services may be just what you need right now as you provide a nurturing and loving home for the child or children in your care.

The Kinship Navigator is available to guide a Kinship Caregiver through services by providing information, assistance and referrals for: financial support, housing, medical, dental, counseling, legal options, support groups, parent education and advocacy.

Additional emergency support is available for unexpected bills such as food, clothing, transportation, school supplies, youth activities, band instruments, beds, household supplies and utilities. For more information regarding Kinship Navigator servicesclick here.

The King County Kinship Collaboration is a diverse community of relatives who are raising relatives and public and private social service providers from across the county. We have come together to provide a comprehensive and coordinated set of services, advocacy and community education to support the needs and interests of kinship families. Click here to learn more about the King County Kinship Collaboration.

Kinship Caregiver Resources are links that detail some of the services provided by organizations in our community available to Kinship Caregivers for support, resources and advice. Click here for a list of resources.

Kinship Caregiver Support Groups are located throughout King County. Join other caregivers to discuss challenges, successes and share resources. Click here to find a support group in your community.

Kinship Navigator   

The Kinship Navigator Program provides resources, information and support to assist family members who are raising their relative’s children, either temporarily or long term. The Kinship Navigator is available to provide kinship caregivers with information, referrals and resources to support them in the following areas:

  • Advocacy and referral
  • Support groups
  • Parent education
  • Child care
  • Legal guidance
  • Medical, dental and mental health resources
  • Housing
  • Financial support

The Kinship Caregivers Support Program provides financial assistance for eligible families providing kinship care. Examples of items that qualify for financial assistance are listed below:

  • Food, clothing, transportation, household items
  • School uniforms, supplies, field trips, band instruments
  • Sports and youth activities registrations, fees, uniforms, tutoring
  • One-time help with rent or utilities to prevent eviction or shut-off

Criteria for financial eligibility:

  • Adults age 18 years or older are primary caregivers for their relatives’ children.
  • Children living in home with caregiver are 18 years or younger.
  • Relative has either informal or formal responsibility such as legal custody or guardianship
  • Licensed foster parents, open cases with CPS and Child Welfare Services are ineligible.
  • Documentation of primary caregiving is required for financial assistance request.
  • Other payment sources must be exhausted prior to Kinship request.

Call (206) 328-6858 for more information or by e-mail.

King County Kinship Collaboration

To Recognize & Strengthen Communities Where Families Care for Families

The King County Kinship Collaboration will create and maintain a regional collaboration that provides comprehensive and coordinated services, advocacy and community education to support Kinship families.

The King County Kinship Collaboration came out of interest at the 2004 Kinship Gathering to create some kind of collaborative partnership that could respond in a more comprehensive way to the specific needs of kinship families and caregivers. Since August 2005, kinship caregivers and representatives from more than 30 organizations from throughout King County have been partnering to achieve our vision.

The Kinship Collaboration was spearheaded by Casey Family Programs and is now sponsored by Catholic Community Services and supported by the City of Seattle/Aging and Disability Services.

Kinship Collaboration Meetings
Open to all individuals/organizations interested in and/or connected to services for kinship families in King County. If attending for the first time, please contact KCKC Coordinator to confirm meeting and location details.

How do I get involved?
Participation is open: relatives who are raising relatives and organizations who work with kinship caregivers are invited to join this collaboration.