WISe: Skagit & Whatcom Counties

Northwest Wraparound with Intensive Services – WISe

Serving Skagit and Whatcom Counties Only

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WISe is Catholic Community Services Northwest’s (CCSNW) intensive outpatient mental health program. WISe provides home and community based wraparound services for Medicaid-eligible youth (up to 20 years) with multiple and complex needs, and their families.

The program is voluntary, so a youth’s history and needs, as well as the family’s interest and ability to participate, are taken into consideration when deciding whether our wraparound program offers the appropriate level of care. The wraparound process is intended to achieve positive outcomes for multi-system involved youth by providing a structured, creative and individualized team planning process with youth, family and natural supports as key members of the team. Each enrolled family is assigned a Care Coordinator who supports the team process. An assigned Family Support Partner represents the parent/caregiver perspective and serves as support and advocate for family voice. Youth Partners are available for older youth to engage them in their own treatment and to support and advocate for youth voice. An assigned therapist works closely with youth, their families, and the entire wraparound team. 24/7 crisis support is available, as is psychiatric medication management, if indicated. Wraparound services adhere to certain defining principles, such as youth-guided, family-centered, strengths-based and culturally relevant.

The CANS, Child Adolescent Needs and Strengths tool, is what determines eligibility for WISe. Anyone can call and ask for a WISe screen, although youth 13 years and older and their families must consent to services. Asking for an intake assessment with WISe screen will help determine if youth meet eligibility for WISe, as well as if they meet access to care standards for mental health services, both of which are needed to be enrolled in WISe.


If you are NOT in Skagit or Whatcom Counties, please CLICK HERE for a list of other CCS WISe providers.

NW Regional Program Manager
Dawn Scott
Phone: (360) 296-4059

Whatcom County
Martha Liljegren
WISe Supervisor
Phone: (360) 676-2164

Skagit County
Juleen Perusek
WISe Supervisor
Phone: (360) 707-1688