Village Spirit Center

The Village Spirit Center for Community Change and Healing is a housing, services, and community economic development initiative focused on the Black community in Western Washington. Catholic Community Services and Catholic Housing Services have implemented initiatives that focus on what we call “Communities of Concern.” They are the poor and low-wage earners in the Black, urban Native American and Latino/Chicano communities. These segments of our society have suffered greatly from years of marginalization and being excluded in large part from the economic opportunities of this nation and; thereby, unable to break the debilitating cycle of poverty that ensnares them.

In these initiatives, we will focus on creating community economic opportunities through the development of affordable housing, transformative services and the authentic promotion of asset acquisition.

Our Vision

Being genuine and authentic in the spirit of the village, we will work for the collective wellbeing of the Black community across Western Washington in helping to elevate the social and economic realities of Black/African American families.

Our Mission

To build and create sacred living spaces with transformative services, and through joining with others, create wealth through asset acquisition for the Black/African American community in western Washington.

Our Values

Integrity, genuine, authentic, truth, trust, quality, honor, wisdom, creativity, belonging, enduring, faith, justice, security, realistic, determined, healing, joyous, together, compassionate, empathetic.

Our Motto


“The Village Spirit Center for Community Change and Healing” will provide all designs, services, and activities in a manner that:

  • Celebrates the history and contributions of Black people in an authentic and genuine manner.
  • Respects the spiritual, communal, and familial cultural norms and practices of Black people.
  • Develops and builds housing that speaks to the “heart and soul” as well as to the practical in creating “sacred living spaces.”


The Village Spirit Center for Community Change and Healing’s housing “developments” will form the foundation for building better lives for low-income families. Provided below are descriptions of our present housing developments:

Spruce Park Apartments

The Spruce Park Apartments provide 45 units of affordable housing in the Central Area of Seattle. Located at 155 21st Ave., Spruce Park Apartments serve families and individuals at 50% or lower of the area median income. In addition, four of the units have been set aside as transitional housing for families that are homeless or at risk of being homeless. For information, call (206) 322-0450 or complete the application and fax it to (206) 328-6637.

Monica’s Village Place I

Monica’s Village Place I is 51 units of new, affordable housing in Seattle’s Central Area, at the intersection of 23rd Avenue South and South Main Streets, consisting of one, two, and three bedroom apartments and townhomes. All units are affordable to families making 30% to 50% of the area median household income. The building is oriented around a central courtyard containing a play area for children and a healing/reflection garden.

Monica’s Village Place I waitlist is open and we are currently accepting applications. Please review the documents and return via mail, email or fax – Monica’s Village Place I- 140 23rd Ave S, Seattle WA 98144, fax – 206-395-2143, email –
MVPI Waitlist Flyer
MVPI Tenant Screening Criteria
MVPI Application

MVPI has made available to the community a beautiful multipurpose room, including kitchen, sound system, AV equipment and other amenities. All revenue from the room rental goes to supplement Family Services funding for the residents. For more information call 206-323-7130, or download and complete the application and mail to: Brenda Franks, Monica’s Village Place I, 140 23rd Ave. S, Seattle, WA 98144 or fax at (206) 328-2143.

Monica’s Village Place I is pleased to announce it was presented an “Excellence in Construction” award by the Associated Builders & Contractors Association of Western Washington. Click here to read the citation of excellence given to RAFN, our General Contractor.
To view photo journals of Monica’s Village Place I construction, click below.

Our Monica Village Place I is named for Saint Monica, an African laywoman. For more information on St. Monica, click here.

Black Community Impact Alliance (BCIA)

The Black Community Impact Alliance is a group of cooperating organizations serving the Black Community in Western Washington. The BCIA focuses on all elements impacting the health and well-being of Black families and the Black Communities in Washington State and pools together diverse networks to raise awareness and create a strong voice for action. The BCIA advocates for resources and direct investment in Black business for the purpose of creating jobs and economic growth. Learn more about the BCIA here.

Get Help

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Community Room Rental

Monica’s Village Place I Community Room Rental Flyer