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Challenge #3: Tour of Italy

Challenge #3:

The Tour of Italy 2018 summer challenge spanned July 1 – September 29, 2018. In this individual challenge, each person tracked the minutes of activity completed each day (at minimum 20 minutes of movement daily, 5 days per week). Converted to miles, participants traveled across a pre-determined Tour of Italy!

The regional winners, who all won $100 Amazon gift cards were…

Donna Rieper (King County)

Tamara Zaferatos (NW)

Stephanie Brockett (SW)

Our grand prize winner was Dan Wise (King County), who won a $150 Amazon gift card!

GRAZI to all of our wonderful staff members who participated!

Challenge #2: Big Spring Clean

Challenge #2: Big Spring Clean ended on 5/31/2018. Staff were challenged and encouraged to send before and after pictures of spring projects they had completed.

Check out the spectacular spring transformations below:

Challenge #1: 10 Year Anniversary!

Challenge #1: Our first challenge in 2018 was to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Fit4Life! We had a t-shirt logo design contest, and the winner was Cindy McNabb. Be watching for our newly designed t-shirts!


Fit4Life Wellness Team

The Fit4Life Wellness Team is comprised of staff from across the CCS/CHS system and meets once a month. The Team’s vision uses the input of all employees to create a wellness program that serves their needs. We strongly encourage you to bring your voice to the table. Be assured that you will be heard.


To encourage employees to find their place of balance in work and in life by providing access to resources, information, and support for healthy life choices.


Our vision is to positively influence the way we work and live by promoting a healthy balance in all we do. We envision all aspects of our work and mission being enriched by a balanced approach to work and a balanced approach to life.

We seek to find ways to invest in, support and be faithful stewards of one of our most valuable resources: our CCS/CHS employees.


We seek to develop, implement, and support all initiatives based on compassion, dignity, and diversity. In valuing our diverse workforce and the uniqueness of each individual, we understand that wellness is defined by the individual and not the organization.

Wellness Champions 

What does it mean to be a Wellness Champion?

A Wellness Champion can be:

  • An On-going Point Person – An enthusiastic person who has an interest in assisting with promoting the Fit4Life program.  A Wellness Champion could assist in communicating Wellness program information to staff, answering questions, or organize a regional group of employees interested in developing their own regional wellness events.  A Wellness Champion can also organize an on-going event, such as a walking club, book club or a yoga class.
  • A Point Person for a limited number or one-time event – Anyone interested in promoting and organizing a one-time event for the region or system.

If you have an interest in being involved in the Fit4Life Wellness program, but don’t think that the definitions above don’t quite fit, give your local Wellness Representative a call and let’s see if we can make it work!

See the list of system-wide contacts on the left side of our website for Fit4Life member names in your local area.

If you are interested in becoming a Wellness Champion or participating in any aspect of Fit4Life, please contact your local Wellness Team Representative:

Aberdeen/Bremerton/Tacoma – Helen Vajgert

Bellingham/Everett/Mt. Vernon – Cindy Price

Bellevue/Kent/Seattle –  Debra Chattin

Vancouver/Portland – Linda Shaddy

Links of Interest from Staff