The Power of Language

In her essay “The Power of Language,” Dr. Michele Toomey wrote, “Words can inform our mind, caress and comfort our feelings, excite and thrill our spirit, or warm and kindle the flame of our hearts. They can also slap our face, punch us in the stomach, rattle our nerves, kill our desire, or destroy our self-confidence.”

That is the power of language.

Not many things are as powerful as the ability of one human to connect with another through communication. That is why Catholic Community Services of Western Washington wants to honor our non-English speaking friends by liberating them from the near-constant challenge of navigating a world where the English language creates barriers to equity, success, and independence.

We honor our multilingual communities by acknowledging and respecting their native tongues. To meet them where they are in life means sometimes meeting them in the language that they speak.

Language represents culture, community, and kinship. As an organization, we are constantly looking for ways in which we can assist our staff in meeting the needs of the community. As we work to build a more responsive system to work with non English-speaking clients and tenants, please use these internet resources to assist you in translating information so that you may be of better service.