Pregnancy & Parenting Support (PrePS) is a multicultural, program serving diverse families in the Seattle-King County area. PrePS promotes the health and well-being of women, children and families through case management, education and supportive services. We employ a holistic service delivery model to achieve healthy pregnancy and birth outcomes, and ensure a safe and nurturing home environment that facilitates healthy social and emotional development for each child.

PrePS is looking for an ambitious and self-motivated person to join us and lead the development of an effective fundraising strategy aimed at securing a diverse and sustainable long-term financial base. The Fundraising coordinator will also help us establish a Fundraising Advisory Board that will mobilize fundraising advocates that bring awareness about PrePS’ work with children and families in King County.

Main Duties and Responsibilities
1. Maintain strong working relationships with PrePS’ portfolio of existing donors.
2. Research, identify, assess and develop new fundraising opportunities and diversify PrePS’ revenue streams.
3. Develop relationships amongst donors, local businesses and individuals to increase PrePS’ revenue.
4. In consultation with PrePS program manager and staff, plan, develop, implement and coordinate an ambitious fundraising strategy.
5. Develop and implement a coordinated strategy for the support and creation of PrePS Fundraising Advisory Board.
6. Develop and submit individual local business donation requests for our annual fundraising breakfast.
7. Attend appropriate fundraising and marketing events.
8. Engage donors in-person, through email, social media, and our newsletter

• Resume experience – you will get a chance to develop skills in fundraising strategies
• Working with a great team – the PrePS staff is fun and encouraging.
• Hands-on nonprofit experience –see what it is like to work with a small nonprofit program.
• Flexibility to volunteer from home

To Apply:
Please contact PrePS Program Manager at 206-707-1501 or email if interested.


4250 South Mead St., Seattle 98118


Julisa Aguilar